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Roasted Prime Rib Roast

Feed your need for melt-in-your-mouth Prime Rib right in your own backyard. Traeger takes roast to extraordinary levels of flavor by infusing rich and delicious smoke. Marinated with herbs and vinegar, this baby will definitely up your status to King of the barbecue.

3.2 hours 9 Ingredients


Roasted Mushrooms with Sherry & Thyme

The sweet taste of sherry wine blends with our signature wood-fired flavor to bring out the earthy tones of roasted mushrooms. We’re roasting these shrooms in a pan on the grill with butter, shallot, fresh thyme and heavy cream.

40 mins 8 Ingredients


Lemon Rosemary Beer Can Chicken by Rob Mondavi

Crack open the wood-fired flavor with Rob Mondavi’s Lemon Rosemary Beer Can Chicken. This simple to make recipe pairs perfectly with Traeger’s Winemaker’s Blend Pellets and any of your favorite medium body red or white wines. Start by coating the entire chicken with the lemon juice, then sprinkle with salt, pepper and rosemary. Pop half a can of beer inside the chicken, and carefully place it on the grill. Once the chicken hits 165 degrees it’s good to go.

65 mins 6 Ingredients


Cowgirl Cut Smoked Steak by Lydia Mondavi

This reverse seared cowgirl cut steak recipe from Lydia Mondavi starts with a simple Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper rub, before smoking for an hour and finishing at a high temperature until the steak reaches 125-130 degrees F.

75 mins 4 Ingredients


Prosciutto Wrapped Dates with Marcona Almonds

Savory prosciutto gets wrapped around sweet medjool dates that are stuffed with marcona almonds for a mouthwatering appetizer full of flavor.

15 mins 7 Ingredients


Traeger Potatoes Au Gratin

Traeger’s take on this well-known side dish brings the wood-fired flavor to the forefront. Our potatoes au gratin recipe features cheesy and creamy sliced potatoes baked until golden brown.

70 mins 9 Ingredients


Roasted Cornish Game Stuffed Hens

No more fighting over the drumsticks. Everyone gets their own with this easy to make Roasted Cornish Hen recipe.

70 mins 11 Ingredients


Baked Parker House Rolls

Never overlook the humble roll. They are the glue that ties meal together. And our favorite go-to rolls are these Parker House Rolls. Try topping with them poppy seeds, sesame seeds and salt flakes for even more flavor.

2.25 hrs 12 Ingredients


Salted Caramel Pecan Ice Cream

Ice cream Traegerized? Yeah you read that right. Simply toast a cup of pecans on the grill and add to the homemade ice cream.

60 mins 8 Ingredients


Smoked Pomegranate Baby Back Ribs by The Modern Proper

Smoked pomegranate BBQ sauce on baby back ribs? Yeah, you read that right. The Modern Proper went into the lab to make some truly unique ribs. With a 24-hour brine and a smokin' sauce, you can't go wrong with this sticky sweet combo.

5 hrs 20 Ingredients


Rosemary and Thyme-Infused Mashed Potatoes with Cream

Double the flavor of mashed potatoes by adding herbs and Traeger’s signature wood-fired taste. Start by roasting your potatoes on the grill for one hour at 350°F. Remove and add in the herb and garlic infused cream for a flavorful take on this popular side dish.

80 mins 10 Ingredients


Baked Sweet and Savory Yams by Bennie Kendrick

You'll go yam for this smokin' dish. Give this sweet and savory recipe by Bennie Kendrick a try. Easy to make, and healthy to eat, it’s the perfect side dish for any meal.

110 mins 6 Ingredients

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