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Smoked Chicken Tikka Drumsticks by Dennis the Prescott

Switch your chicken routine up and go with the bold flavors of Dennis the Prescott’s Chicken Tikka Drumsticks. These bad boys take an overnight bath in a marinade before going directly on the grill. Garnish with curry lime yogurt, fresh lime, cilantro and sliced red onion for wood-fired perfection.

55 mins 21 Ingredients


Smoked Wild Turkey Breast by Jeremiah Doughty

Jeremiah Doughty’s recipe for smoking up some field to plate wild turkey breast starts with at least a 12-hour brine before getting a BBQ rubdown that complements the wood-fired flavor perfectly.

8.3 hrs 15 Ingredients


Lemon Rosemary Beer Can Chicken by Rob Mondavi

Crack open the wood-fired flavor with Rob Mondavi’s Lemon Rosemary Beer Can Chicken. This simple to make recipe pairs perfectly with Traeger’s Winemaker’s Blend Pellets and any of your favorite medium body red or white wines. Start by coating the entire chicken with the lemon juice, then sprinkle with salt, pepper and rosemary. Pop half a can of beer inside the chicken, and carefully place it on the grill. Once the chicken hits 165 degrees it’s good to go.

65 mins 6 Ingredients


Grilled Wild Turkey Orange Cashew Salad by John Dudley

Take a trot on the wild side with John Dudley’s Grilled Wild Turkey Orange Cashew Salad. Start with two skinless, wild turkey breasts and marinade them in teriyaki sauce, fresh ginger and a blood orange soda. Roast on the Traeger, slice when finished and combine with a cashew salad.

55 mins 20 Ingredients


Ultimate Traeger Thanksgiving Sandwich

We’ve got the perfect plan for those Turkey Day leftovers. Follow this blueprint for the Ultimate Thanksgiving Leftover sandwich.

10 mins 8 Ingredients


Baked Cornbread Turkey Tamale Pie

This leftover lover’s dream combines shredded turkey, corn, black beans and bell peppers with chipotle and enchilada sauces, then gets topped with homemade cornbread before cooking in the Traeger until golden brown.

60 mins 21 Ingredients


BBQ Pulled Turkey Sandwiches

This wood-fired turkey recipe is grilled then braised to create a flavorful, moist, and tender protein that easily shreds and is lower in fat than pork. Turkey sandwiches are perfect any time of year and for any off road adventure.

2.25 hrs 6 Ingredients


Roasted Cornish Game Stuffed Hens

No more fighting over the drumsticks. Everyone gets their own with this easy to make Roasted Cornish Hen recipe.

70 mins 11 Ingredients


Spatchcocked Maple Brined Turkey

Strapped for time, or looking to maximize space on your grill? Then a spatchcocked turkey is the way to go. Start by removing the turkey’s backbone, which will include cutting through the ribs. Then split the breast bone by pushing down with your hands to spread the turkey flat. Season generously then lay the bird spread out directly on the grill.

3.5 hrs 18 Ingredients


Homemade Turkey Gravy

It’s all gravy anytime the Traeger gets fired up, and that's even more true when making Turkey Gravy. This fowl recipe is anything but offensive, featuring roasted turkey neck and veggies as the base for rich, wood-fired flavor.

3.25 hrs 11 Ingredients


Roasted Honey Bourbon Glazed Turkey

You’ll be lifting your whiskey glass to our Honey Bourbon Glazed Turkey recipe. This one-of-a-kind recipe features Traeger’s Fin & Feather Rub, your favorite bourbon, and fresh turkey for top-shelf wood-fired flavor.

3.5 hrs 8 Ingredients


Baked Chicken Pot Pie

Serve up wood-fired flavor the whole family will enjoy with Traeger’s Baked Chicken Pot Pie. Our easy-to-make recipe begins with sautéed onions and celery joined with chicken gravy and cream or milk. Add in peas, carrots, herbs and diced chicken and transfer to a cast iron skillet. Top with a frozen puff pastry and cook directly on the grill at 400 degrees F for 30 minutes, and you’ll be good to go.

50 mins 15 Ingredients

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