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Jacobsen Salt Co. Heritage

Jacobsen Salt Co. has mastered the production of clean and delicious cooking salts, all harvested straight from the sea. They pride themselves on purity, briny taste, and bright white color. Jacobsen Salt is used in restaurants around the world by famous chefs, in Williams-Sonoma stores, and by kitchen connoisseurs like Le Creuset. Not only do they manufacture the most delicious artisanal salt, they also sustainably produce honey with their sister company, Bee Local. They extract from beehives located on urban rooftop gardens. Each honey takes on the color and flavor of the surrounding ecosystem, which creates a different flavor blend each season. Jacobsen and Bee Local are taste masters, and their salts and honeys perfectly complement Traeger wood-fired flavor. "I like to top my finished meats with smoked Jacobsen salts for an instant flavor boost. It enhances every bite you take." - Danielle "Diva Q" Bennett.

Jacobsen Salt Co. x Traeger Grills

Both Traeger and Jacobsen Salt Co. develop products based around taste. We’ve partnered to produce unique ingredients that work for every food enthusiast. Together we curated two finishing salts and two single-origin honeys that are perfect for seasoning every Traeger masterpiece.

Jacobsen Pure Kosher Salt

Pure Kosher Sea Salt

This kitchen staple is small grained, pure, & has the best briny flavor.

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Cheryy Wood Smoked Salt

It’s sweet, salty, & perfect for brining, seasoning grilled fruit, or finishing.

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Nature created this raw, delicious sweet that’s excellent for everyday eating.

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Tangy wooded flavor is perfection in mixed drinks or drizzled on BBQ meat.

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Jacobsen Recipes

From smoked brisket, salted caramels, and savory grilled salads, these Jacobsen Salt Co. recipes incorporate the new artisanal salts and honeys to add exceptional flavor to every wood fired dish.


Grilled Plums with Brown Sugar Balsamic Reduction

Feed your sweet tooth with fruit, this delectable sweet treat is the perfect finale for any savory BBQ meal.

25 mins 3 Ingredients


Chipotle Honey Chicken Wings

Sticky & sweet like an 80's hair band, these chipolte wings hit the mark with an irresistible spicy, sweet, & tangy glaze.

30 mins 6 Ingredients


Grilled Sirloin Steaks

Raise the stakes & make your sirloin steak taste memorable & delicious with this steak rub recipe featuring Jacobsen Salt Co.’s pure sea salt.

6 mins 8 Ingredients


Honey Balsamic Meatballs

BBQ meatballs taste rich & smoky when cooked on the Traeger, give your beef a delicious twist of sweet & savory with this zesty recipe.

45 mins 17 Ingredients

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