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Slow Roasted Shawarma

Difficulty 1/5
Prep time 25 mins

Cook time 4.5 hrs
Serves 6-8

Hardwood Mesquite

We’re stacking the wood-fired flavor in this slow roasted shawarma recipe. Don’t forget the pita bread and your favorite toppings like cucumber, tomatoes, tahini, pickles, fries or Israeli salad.


5.5 lbs Top Sirloin

5.5 lbs Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs

4.5 lbs Lamb Fat

4 Tbsp Traeger Rub

2 Large Yellow Onions

Pita Bread

Topping Options: Cucumber, Tomatoes, Tahini, Pickles, Fries, Israeli Salad

A Double Skewer

A cast iron griddle


*Plan ahead! Assemble the shawarma stack the night before you plan to cook it.

Slice all the meat and fat into ½” slices and place into 3 bowls (pro tip: it’s easier to slice if they are all partially frozen).

Season each bowl with Traeger Rub and massage the rub into the meat.

Place half an onion on the bottom of each half skewer to make a firm base. then add 2 layers from each bowl at a time. Try to make the stack symmetrical, more or less. Then put the other 2 half onions at the top. Wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight.

When ready to cook, set temperature to 275˚F and preheat, lid closed for 15 minutes.

Lay the shawarma directly on the grill grate and cook for about 3-4 hours, rotating at least once.

Remove from grill and increase the temperature to 445˚F. While the grill preheats, place a cast iron griddle directly on the grill grate and brush with olive oil.

When the griddle is hot place the whole shawarma on the cast iron and sear 5-10 minutes per side. Remove from grill, slice off the edges, then repeat with remaining shawarma.

Serve in pita bread with your favorite toppings like cucumber, tomatoes, tahini, pickles, fries or Israeli salad.


*Cook times will vary depending on set and ambient temperatures.
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