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The Grilled Chicken Challenge

Difficulty 1/5
Prep time 5 mins

Cook time 70 mins
Serves 4-6

Hardwood Hickory

Don’t let the simplicity of one of our most famous recipes fool you. This bad bird packs a powerful flavorful punch. Simply coat a whole chicken with Traeger’s Chicken Rub and cook for just over an hour. That’s all you’ll need to do for chicken perfection.


1 (about 4 lbs) Whole Chicken

Traeger Chicken Rub


Remove the neck and gizzards from the cavity of the bird. Rinse and wipe the outside and inside of the chicken with a paper towel.

Lightly season the inside and outside of the chicken with Traeger Chicken Rub.

When ready to cook, start the Traeger according to grill instructions. Set the temperature to High (set to 425 degrees F if using a WiFIRE-enabled grill) and preheat lid closed, for 10 minutes.

Place chicken on the grill and cook until internal temperature reaches 165 degrees F in the breast, about 70 minutes.

Let bird rest 15 minutes before slicing. Enjoy!

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Sioux Falls
  • South Dakota
My husband said this was the best chicken he's ever had
In our family my husband always did the grilling until we got our Traeger - best purchase ever. When I looked at this recipe I didn't have very high expectations - it was too simple. But the chicken was amazing - juicy, moist and flavorful. It will be our standby recipe now.
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  • Texas
3 hour cook time.
So, did mine a little different, olive oil rub, some slap yo mamma, garlic cloves inside, and fresh ground salt.
Put it on the grill per the directions. I had already made the previous recipie listed here multiple times.
Put the chicken on the grill, finish getting everything else prepped for dinner. About 15 minutes later I get a call that an ambulance is picking up my daughter for an asthma attack. Run out the house. At the hospital she's fine. Three hours later headed home and she is hungry. About then I remember the chicken cooking on the Trager.
Get home, open the grill, skin looks like that chicken has been digging ditches in West Texas for 20 years.
Pull off the skin, perfect chicken. Tender, juicy, fall off the bone. While I would not particularly recommend this type of cook time, I tell everyone thinking about a grill to get a Trager.
I still have a gas bbq, which sits right next to the Trager, except now it needs propane about once a year, instead of every two weeks. I have cooked on pits, eggs, gas grills, I still prefer my Trager.
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  • Arizona
Simple and delicious
I have made beer can chicken several times. I just got my Traeger and this is the 3rd meal I prepared on it. I decided to try it without the cans to see how it turned out. It was crispy all the way around, juicy and delicious. I actually made 2 and my wife used the other for pot pie. I will definitely make theses again. 1 word of caution-use the Traeger poultry rub very sparingly. It is incredibly salty. The skin was so crisp I wanted to eat it (even though I shouldn't) but could not because it was too salty.
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