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Thanksgiving Recipes

These simple and easy to make recipes will make your Thanksgiving taste better than ever. From multiple ways to cook your Turkey to sides, cocktails and desserts, let Traeger help you bring wood-fired flavor to your table.


Baked Green Bean Casserole with Pulled Pork

Part ways with ordinary and say hello to extraordinary. This creamy, green bean casserole is loaded with pulled pork for a perfect wood-fired BBQ twist on the original.

60 mins 14 Ingredients


Thanksgiving BBQ Turkey

Show your true BBQ colors and slather your bird with a little texas spicy this Thanksgiving. Brined, seasoned and glazed, this bird is BBQ through and through.

4 hrs 5 Ingredients


Ultimate Smoked Turkey

Give your turkey the smoke it deserves. This bird is brined in our signature citrus brine kit, rubbed down with Turkey Rub and smoked over none other than our Turkey Blend hardwood for flavor inside and out.

5.25 hrs 4 Ingredients


Roasted Herbed Turkey Breast

Brined turkey like never before. This turkey breast is placed in a salt and brown sugar brine and rubbed down with an herbed butter mixture sure to make your bird smokin'.

10.5 hrs 11 Ingredients


Spatchcocked Maple Brined Turkey

Strapped for time, or looking to maximize space on your grill? Then a spatchcocked turkey is the way to go. Start by removing the turkey’s backbone, which will include cutting through the ribs. Then split the breast bone by pushing down with your hands to spread the turkey flat. Season generously then lay the bird spread out directly on the grill.

11.5 hrs 18 Ingredients


Pull-Apart Dinner Rolls

The best Thanksgiving rolls are homemade. Bake these sweet dinner rolls in your wood-fired grill, then smother them in butter or jam & gobble them up all weekend long.

10 mins 7 Ingredients

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Thanksgiving Videos

Let Traeger get all your clucks in a row before the big day with our series of Thanksgiving videos. From Traeger Pro Team member Amanda Hass giving you the lowdown on how to make an epic feast, to tips on brining your turkey to tons of helpful video recipes, we’ll keep your tailfeathers from getting ruffled.



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