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Traeger Pro Tim Montana

Tim Montana

Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist & Griller Of Meat

  • Hometown: Butte, MT|
  • Grill: Pro 34|
  • Favorite Hardwood: Hickory


The name says it all. Tim Montana hails from rural Montana where his love for music was inherent from the beginning. Tim gravitated toward music at a young age when he would get CD’s from his stepdad’s pawn shop and began listening to old school rock n roll bands such as ZZ Top, Creedence Clearwater Revival and the Charlie Daniels Band. Growing up living off the grid in Big Sky country, Tim’s guitar became his best friend and a vessel of happiness. His persistent pursuit of his newfound passion sparked a desire to move to the west coast and go to music school. Tim eventually made his way to Nashville where he would continue to pour himself into songwriting and doing some rockin’ out of his own.

Tim has appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman, and his song “This Beard Came Here to Party” was made the Boston Red Sox’s unofficial theme song during their Word Series Championship season. He was featured in Rolling Stone, and has been deeply involved with our U.S. troops. When he’s not busy on the road, Tim gets down with wood-fired smokin’ on his Traeger. Properly educated on all things meat by Pitmaster Chad Ward, Montana loves making brisket, prime rib, and even some down-home apple pie every now and then. Low n’ slow is the motto for our All-American Shredneck. Tim beats to the drum of red, white, and blue, rock n’ roll with country soul, and good ole BBQ. Now, that’s a tune we can rock out to.  

I only smoke when I drink, and with the Traeger, I smoke everyday!



Tell us about your most memorable food experience?


When Chad Ward showed me how to make a Brisket properly. A week later I made it for a party and it was the talk of the neighborhood! Of course I told people it came to me in a dream, sorry Chad.


Who do you credit with helping you most in your career, any mentors or people you look up to?


Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top was the first hero of mine to help my career. He’s my spirit animal and my mentor! He knows beards and BBQ!!


For Pitmasters, what’s the one bit of advice you would give?


Low and Slow, baby… You can’t go wrong if it’s low and slow!


What’s your favorite thing to eat when no one’s watching?


Healthy food. I don’t want people to think I eat anything other than bacon and possum. I have an image to keep.

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