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Smokenomics: BBQ How To's, Tips & Tricks

Steak Temps & Times

Traeger Grills Sep 16, 2019

Cook steak just how you like it, steak doneness has varying cook times so we’ll show you how to grill steak to a rare doneness, medium steak, medium well steak, & BBQ well done steak.

Festive Fall Recipes

Traeger Grills Sep 16, 2019

Get the best wood-fired recipes for fall. From hearty fall soups & pumpkin chili recipes to caramel treats & roasted apple recipes, we’ve got the best fall recipes to keep bellies full & family close.

5 Steps For Smoking & Grilling Brats

Traeger Grills Aug 15, 2019

When cooking brats on gas and charcoal, you’re simply just “cooking.” There’s no genuine or authentic flavor that comes from either method. When you’re cooking with a wood-fired grill, everything you cook gets kissed with smoky, wood flavor that takes your food to the next level. When cooking over indirect heat flame ups, burnt brats and busted casings are a thing of the past. No other cooking method can come close to grilling brats on a pellet grill.

Top 10 Chicken Wing Recipes

Traeger Grills Aug 15, 2019

Feeding your Super Bowl crew with game day greatness is as simple as loading your grill with epic wings. With flavor ranging from spicy or sweet to grilled, smoked and roasted, we’ve got smokin’ recipes sure to win over your Super Bowl crowd.

Grilling Chicken Wings: The Ultimate Guide

Traeger Grills Aug 12, 2019

Learn how to grill and smoke the best chicken wings right in your backyard. By following our simple tips for buying, prepping, cooking, and seasoning, you’ll achieve delicious, crispy chicken wings every single time.

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