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Baked Yorkshire Pudding

These Yorkshire pudding popovers are a must with any Holiday roast. For added flavor, use the rendered fat drippings from a prime rib, or any beef roast instead of canola oil.

35 mins 5 Ingredients


Baked Coffee Cake

Get a jolt of wood-fired flavor with our Baked Coffee Cake recipe. This morning staple will get your day off and running on the right foot.

60 mins 15 Ingredients


Baked Soft Gingerbread Cookie

It's not hard to tell why these soft gingerbread cookies are a must try this Holiday season. See how the wood-fired difference makes this childhood classic come alive with flavor.

25 mins 11 Ingredients


Baked Winter Squash Au Gratin

Sweet, savory and oozing with cheese. Acorn squash, butternut squash and yellow potatoes are roasted together putting that signature wood-fired flavor into this winter harvest.

45 mins 8 Ingredients


Traeger Potatoes Au Gratin

Traeger’s take on this well-known side dish brings the wood-fired flavor to the forefront. Our potatoes au gratin recipe features cheesy and creamy sliced potatoes baked until golden brown.

70 mins 9 Ingredients


Baked Cornbread Turkey Tamale Pie

This leftover lover’s dream combines shredded turkey, corn, black beans and bell peppers with chipotle and enchilada sauces, then gets topped with homemade cornbread before cooking in the Traeger until golden brown.

60 mins 21 Ingredients


Baked Sweet Potato Soufflé by Diva Q

Diva Q and sweet potato soufflé is just too sweet. The Traeger Pro, put her signature style on this classic casserole.

2 hrs 20 Ingredients


Baked Parker House Rolls

Never overlook the humble roll. They are the glue that ties meal together. And our favorite go-to rolls are these Parker House Rolls. Try topping with them poppy seeds, sesame seeds and salt flakes for even more flavor.

2.25 hrs 12 Ingredients


Baked Green Bean Casserole with Crispy Shallots

A modern riff on a classic casserole. We’re using fresh green beans, making our cream of mushroom from scratch and frying up shallots instead of using those canned fried onions.

60 mins 16 Ingredients


Baked Pear, Bacon & Brown Butter Stuffing

Sautéed sweet pears, salty bacon and soft brioche make for the perfect stuffing. Mixed and baked over maple wood with veggies, fresh herbs and given a brown butter pour over for one rich side.

60 mins 12 Ingredients


Baked Pecan Pie

We’re placing this pie right on the grill, and infusing wood-fired flavor into it for an hour. Serve with whipped cream or the ice cream of your choice.

70 mins 15 Ingredients


Baked Cornbread Sausage Stuffing

Don’t settle for that sad boxed stuffing from the store. Go with fresh flavor instead. Start with cornbread, then sauté a pound of sausage and add both to a cast-iron skillet. Add in sautéed onion and celery as well as an herb mixture and combine with eggs and milk. Finally, cook at 325°F for about an hour.

80 mins 16 Ingredients

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