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Smoked Pomegranate Lemonade Cocktail

Cool down your drink with smokin' flavor. Pomegranate juice and seeds are smoked over apple wood, frozen into cubes and used to cool down this vodka lemonade combo.

50 mins 3 Ingredients


Roasted Carrots with Parsley Vinaigrette and Pomegranate Seeds

This roasted carrot recipe is great way to break up heavy and rich sides that usually populate meals. Bright, crunchy relish studded with pomegranate makes this both visually pleasing and full of flavor.

40 mins 14 Ingredients


Roasted Cranberry Orange Sauce

Cranberry sauce on a Traeger? Oh yeah, throw a touch a smoke into this best supporting actor contender on Turkey Day.

35 mins 6 Ingredients


Smoked Sangria

Pour up some smoky and fruity flavor with Traeger’s Smoked Sangria recipe. Start by smoking Grand Marnier, simple syrup and cranberries directly on the grill grate. Then add apples, limes and cinnamon sticks with red wine to bring it all together.

55 mins 8 Ingredients


Smoked Apple Cider

A fall classic gets an infusion smoky flavor in our smoked apple cider recipe. Set grill to smoke setting, then combine cider, a cinnamon stick, star anise, clove, lemon and orange peel in a shallow baking dish and place directly on the grill grate for 30 minutes.

35 mins 6 Ingredients


Asparagus & Honey Glazed Carrots

Take your veggie side dish to Pro status with this delicious glazed grilled vegetable recipe. You may want to devour all the grilled veggies yourself but if you share, they’re sure to be a crowd pleaser.

20 mins 6 Ingredients


Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

Sweeten your morning with these thick & delicious cinnamon swirled pancakes. Warning, you may have to fight off the kids to get a whole pancake to yourself.

5 mins 15 Ingredients


Chef Curtis’ Famous Chimichurri Sauce

Traditionally, chimichurri sauce is slathered over beef, but this zesty chimichurri recipe tastes delicious as a game day dip & on grilled salmon.

5 mins 8 Ingredients


Bourbon BBQ Sauce

For a BBQ style Thanksgiving feast, forget gravy & spoon this savory homemade BBQ sauce over Traeger smoked turkey.

40 mins 11 Ingredients


Butternut Squash

Outrageously delicious sides don't have to be overly complicated and fancy. You just need some fresh, seasonal ingredients, a drizzle of olive oil, a sprinkle of salt and a little quality time on your Traeger.

45 mins 4 Ingredients


Roasted Rack of Venison with Cranberry Sauce

A wild blend of savory and sweet. Freshly harvested rack of venison is roasted over our big game blend and paired with a sweet and sour cranberry sauce.

55 mins 10 Ingredients


Crispy No-Fry Potatoes

This healthy fry recipe comes from Grilling Montana & we’re so pleased with how tasty these smoky fries turn out.

25 mins 6 Ingredients

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